Highgate Conifer Summer Snow Artificial Panel


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1m x 1m Conifer Summer Snow Artificial Panel

Our Conifer Summer Snow Artificial Panel is made with plastic frame and P.E Material foliage. Not to be mistaken with cheaper products our rage comes with a 5 year UV Guarantee. Most other products last only 6-12 months before losing colour and going brittle.

Hanging Garden Art

Also available is our Framed Garden Art, each artificial panel can be made to any size with a frame for portable garden art to hang on fence panels or walls. Each frame is made to order, please contact us with sizes for a quote on 01702 904000

Use our Artificial panels to create privacy or hide unsightly areas.

The Artificial panel is supplied in easy to install 1m x 1m frames which can be attached to any solid surface (even curved) with minimum effort. Once its up put your feet up and relax, no pruning, no weeding, no dead leaves.


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