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Desser Natural Pretzel 2 Seater Sofa


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There are three fabric grades:- grade ‘B’ are washable fabrics, grade ‘C’ are Chenilles (with a few washable fabrics) and grade ‘D’ are all Aqua Clean fabrics (with an inherent technology that wipes stains away with water) which are also machine washable.

All fabrics will fade if subjected to direct sunlight.  To minimise this effect, fitted blinds should be used where appropriate, and upholstery turned at regular intervals.

For washable fabrics the contents of the instruction label attached to the cushion must be strictly adhered to.  If a label is not in evidence, please enquire for clarification.


All natural materials will fade or even crack if exposed to direct sunlight. Regular cleansing with a general soap and water solution is recommended for cane and rattan furniture, and a multi-purpose furniture cleaner for wooden items.


Desser Natural Pretzel 2 Seater Sofa

The Natural Pretzel 2 seater blends a modern look with a vintage feel. With curved thick cane material used for the base, and luxury cushions for increased comfort, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Double frame design also provides sturdiness that is made to last
  • Comfortable foam-filled seat cushions
  • Supportive fibre-filled back cushions
  • Dacron Wrap is used to help prevent loose, worn areas forming on cushions
  • Pirelli Webbing is used on the frame to ensure a strong foundation
  • Hand-crafted & hand-weaved cane frame through sustainable farming
  • 1 Year Warranty included
  • There is a choice of many wonderful fabrics so please call the showroom on 01702 904000 for a quotation

Environment Banner - Desser

Sustainable Cane Furniture from Desser & Company

Desser is proud to produce sustainable wicker furniture which promotes Fair Trade ethics. We also abide by a low carbon emission business plan that ensures we’re able to provide our customers with environmentally friendly furnishings.

Our rattan sourcing policies help to support farmers and factories in some of the world’s poorest countries, and our traditional manufacturing methods help to reduce negative environmental impacts.

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