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Alfresco Chef Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Naples


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Alfresco Chef Wood fired Pizza Oven Naples


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Alfresco Chef Wood fired Pizza Oven Naples


Experience real wood fired pizza oven cooking the perfect introduction to authentic wood fired cooking.

The Naples is fun and easy to use. Its small foot print makes it ideal for households with limited space.

Reaches temperatures of over 400°c in just 15 minutes

 With 5cm ceramic fibre installation and 3cm thick fire brick floor tiles, your oven will not only reach temperatures of 400°c within 15 minutes but remain consistent throughout your cooking experience.

More than a pizza oven Live fire cooking at it’s best.

Position your burning wood and use the oven door and accessories to perform a variety of cooking methods from BBQ to baking to roasting. Your food will be packed with delicious wood-fired flavour.

Easy to position

 Alfresco Chef ovens come with a mobile stand, to help avoid tricky windy conditions and allow for easy movement into storage. The ovens also have a flat base, meaning they can be mounted on heat-proof surfaces to complete the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Size Specification

Height: 1970cm

Width: 74cm

Depth: 70cm

Cooking Floor: 60cm x 55cm

Total Weight: 66kg

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